“Such ties of the bikini does not cover up” – in the Crimea, conducted an interesting contest

Photo: kafanews.

In the Russian-occupied Feodosia held a competition fitness bikini, in the final of which was made by the 12 participants of different ages.

Contestants for three months working on the transformation of your body and actively preparing, reports kafanews.

“During this time beauty was doing in the gym, dieted and attended fashion shows. The competition in the nomination “fitness bikini up to 165 cm” first place was taken by Marina Kozlova, the second – Ekaterina Alekseeva, and the third – Tatiana Murasawa. In the category of “over 165 centimeters” first place was awarded to Veronika Novikova, second – Diana Rosokhata, the third – Alexander Iosebashvili “, – stated in the message.

In the category master (35+) 1st place was won by Natalia Kiseleva, 2nd – Svetlana Guskova, 3rd – Jan Vodolazhskaya.

“Natalia Kiseleva took Kubor” Real progress “and dropped during the project the maximum weight among the participants – 10 kg. Note that the main competitive elements of sports disciplines for women fitness bikini is a presentation participating in excellent physical shape and the appearance of the model in the bikini,” he said.

Earlier in the Crimea was held an amazing festival “beauty and grace”. Social media users ridiculed the so-called festival, organized by a local company.