The expert explained, when the bread will rise in price

Bread in Ukraine will rise in price in the next two years. Photo: Agropoli

In Ukraine in the next two years will rise in price of bread.

According to the Director of the Association of retailers Alexey Doroshenko, the projected rise in price is 1.7-2% per month, says the observer.

“In Ukraine, the price of bread differs from the European by 15%. On white bread the difference with Europe is 30%,” – said the expert.

At the same time, he noted that the price for grain will remain stable. Indeed, in Ukraine the price of bread political. Therefore, the cost of raw materials and flour rising faster than the price of bread.

For March rapidly grew vegetables and meat. Most of all added in the price of carrots, beets, cabbage, pork, beef and cooked sausage.