Told about the dangerous snacks in Ukrainian supermarkets

In cooking, the supermarkets often neglected shelf life of ready-made salads. Photo: Iceberg

Most Ukrainian supermarkets that offer ready-made meals, not to observe elementary rules of sanitation.

“It all depends on the supermarket. Is the well-known chain, and one store like this that come and go is impossible. It all depends on your personal experience. If you trust the store, then you can do purchases there. If the first time in it, better from cooking refuse. From what I sometimes see is just awful. These people are still on you,” said the Executive Director of the consumers Union Maxim Nesmeyanov, writes “Obozrevatel”.

According to him, often neglected shelf life of salads.

“Sanitary norms “Coat” can be stored for 12-16 hours. Some networks give 48 hours. To the question: “why did you decide that “Coat” or “Olivier” it is possible 48 hours store?” answer: just decided all. All because they have prescribed specifications that are unavailable to us. There somehow “improved the quality” of its products, which do not lose their flavour, and yet safely in 48 hours,” said Nesmeyanov.

He added that the fact that the state has withdrawn from the market.

“All do what I want. That’s the trouble”, – concluded the expert.

From Kiev was in the hospital after a snack in one of the supermarkets. For treatment already spent 50 times more than the dish. However, to prove that she suffered, even if the checks can’t.